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A complete cap table for your venture-capital funded startup. Free.

All venture-funded startups need a cap table to understand everything from stock pricing to option plans to exit scenarios. We at Blue Heron Ventures needed an easier, more easily understandable model for our own angel investing, so we built this debt-equity model for exactly these purposes. We then implemented the model as a proprietary tool at O&A to help dozens of startups over the years. We at Blue Heron and O&A have now open sourced this debt-equity model to empower entrepreneurs and help improve the early stage ecosystem for founders and investors.

You can download it here using the button below, or ensure you have the latest version by downloading the model for free from GitHub. Feel free to modify it for your use; we also welcome any fixes or improvements to the model being posted back to this GitHub repository.

Build your legal and financial foundation before your start up

For venture-capital funded startups, building a cap table is a critical step filled with key decisions that will guide the startup from formation through financing all the way to exit. That’s why we created, a complete, cost-effective program to help ensure your startup is legally and financially ready for VC funding — and success.

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